About Me

I was born in Nottingham, England; moving to live in South London as a young child.

I am married with four children and seven grandchildren.

I have taught in various educational settings; from a Nursery School teacher in Gas Street Basin, Birmingham, to teaching sixth-formers at Eton College in Windsor. I always prefer to work with the quirky child: the individual whose skills and talents can be overlooked or go unrecognised in current education systems.

My hobbies include reading, the cinema, travelling, writing books and playing netball. I played ‘proper’ netball until recently when my advancing age made me highly visible on court and somehow the focus of umpires’ attention. ‘Penalty against the old woman’, and so on. Now I play Walking Netball with women of my own age; all of whom are more than happy to interpret the non-contact rules. Fortunately, our parents are not on the side lines to snitch.

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