I may seem quiet, but my mind is busy.

Over recent years, being an extrovert, has been seen increasingly as a desirable personality trait, and the more reflective and thoughtful nature of introverts considered less appealing. However, introverts have many valuable and unsung strengths. These talents will include: – Introverts make good listeners because they are able to focus on what is being saidContinue reading “I may seem quiet, but my mind is busy.”

Inclusion and The Neurodiverse Pupil

Neurodiverse children include those with autistic traits, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. Although each pupil is an individual, the barriers to their learning will be similar. Barrier 1 = Limited understanding of neurodivergence in schools.  Accommodation = Awareness raising in schools is essential if these pupils are to have a positive educational experience. Barrier 2Continue reading “Inclusion and The Neurodiverse Pupil”

Why the ASD child masks in school

When the child with ASD represses their emotions and adapts their behaviour to meet the expectations of others, they are said to be masking. Most young people with ASD mask at school to hide their high levels of anxiety from adults and peers. Masking for any length of time is exhausting, and can lead toContinue reading “Why the ASD child masks in school”

How to help the child with ADHD

The behaviour of a child with ADHD can be exasperating, but is not deliberate. Adult help with problem solving is important if the child is to find ways to circumnavigate their difficulties: –  Movement helps the child with ADHD to concentrate. In addition to lots of opportunities for physical activity and sport to use upContinue reading “How to help the child with ADHD”

ADHD, Dopamine & Women

Many women with ADHD are mis-diagnosed as having anxiety, depression or a mood / personality disorder rather than ADHD. One of the reasons for these mis-diagnoses is the hormonal fluctuations that complicate a woman’s ADHD presentation.  Studies suggest that people with ADHD have an imbalance of chemicals in their brain. One of these chemicals isContinue reading “ADHD, Dopamine & Women”

Winners of the ‘Happiness is…’ competition

I had such an amazing reaction to my ‘Happiness is…’ competition – over 50 amazing entries! A huge thank you to all who took the time to enter. I have so enjoyed looking through these colourful and hugely artistic entries, and it was extremely hard to pick the winners, so hard in fact that IContinue reading “Winners of the ‘Happiness is…’ competition”

Pupils should not be defined by their secretarial skills

Children learn to read and write at primary school. All Key Stage One and Two lessons will have some element that is designed to develop the pupils’ literacy skills.  In secondary schools, pupils use literacy to access curriculum subjects. Secondary teachers are not literacy specialists, they are subject specialists. Secondary subject teachers in mainstream schoolsContinue reading “Pupils should not be defined by their secretarial skills”

It’s only words…

Current research confirms that lockdown had a significant impact on children’s language development. A survey of schools across England revealed an increased number of four- and five-year-olds needing support with language. Of the 58 primary schools surveyed, 76% of headteachers said that children starting school in September 2020 needed more assistance with their verbal communicationContinue reading “It’s only words…”