Adult Well-being: ten top tips.

  1. Take steps to solve minor problems before they become bigger issues.
  2. Share worries with friends or family that you trust. They may be able to offer solutions, provide reassurance or offer a different perspective to the problem.
  3. Experiment with alternative self-calming approaches: yoga, breathing techniques, mindfulness or meditation.
  4. Get some exercise every day. Walk or cycle to work, walk up and down stairs rather than use the lift, go for a swim, get out into the country side at weekends.
  5. Acknowledge any personal triggers that will move you from a healthy level of stimulation to a potentially harmful level of stress. Deal with the triggers: ask for help from friends, family or work colleagues. Don’t be afraid to say: ‘No, I’m too busy.’ / ‘Sorry, I simply don’t have time.’ / ‘I’m afraid that’s not something I have any interest in.’/ ‘That’s more Nick’s area than mine.’ Compile a list of credible excuses to use as and when required.
  6. Eat a balanced, healthy diet and limit your alcohol intake.
  7. Develop hobbies and pursue personal interests outside work: join a sports club or a choir, volunteer at church, go to concerts, the cinema or the theatre, decorate or work in the garden. Go for a ramble in the countryside: it is recognised that being out and about in the natural world can have a positive impact on mood.
  8. Allow yourself some quiet time each day: to have a bath, listen to the radio, read the paper or sit in a coffee shop.
  9. Read articles in papers, magazines or on the internet that relate to mental health. There will be advice from others that relates to your own situation.
  10. Find something new in your work that you would like to try. Experimenting with new approaches and involvement in projects can give new insights into your professional practice and be a strong motivator.

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