Good things come to those who wait…

Crazy Golf Course – Olivia and the Proverbs – New book – Image by Jamie Buddle (Bedford Greenacre Independent School)

I wanted to share with you today this wonderful drawing by my grandson Jamie – which goes alongside a brand new Olivia and the Proverbs story. I have always loved the enchantment of children’s drawings – I think they are so special. I adore their colour choices, the creativity and the often hilarious innocence of their artwork. You can’t beat it.

In this new addition to the Olivia and the Proverbs stories, we see Olivia Monkey and her family on holiday at the seaside – the family enjoys all the usual activities that come with a seaside holiday – making sandcastles on the beach, eating ice creams, taking an open-top bus and even a good old fashioned game of crazy golf. But will Olivia Monkey overcome her frustration at this tricky game?

Once again paired with a famous proverb, this story helps young children to understand the world around them and teaches valuable lessons about patience and perseverance.

Good things come to those who wait, after all.

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