My Grandson Shows off his Illustration Skills…

My wonderful grandson, Jamie, has been featured on his school’s social media pages – showing off his published illustrations which feature in my books ‘Olivia and the Proverbs’ and ‘Olivia and the Proverbs 2’. I have always found children’s artwork and illustration to be absolutely joyful – it was my pleasure to include his enchanting drawings in my books. They are so special to me, and I’m thrilled he is getting such lovely recognition from his school.

It was my pleasure to donate copies of both books to his school library.

The Instagram post reads:

@bedfordmodern Year 5 student Jamie has had two of his illustrations feature in children’s books recently written and published by his grandmother, Pat Guy. The stories focus on Olivia Monkey, who has adventures and learns lessons based around different proverbial sayings. Copies have been kindly donated to the Junior School library and Jamie has been very excited to share them with his friends.

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