The Great British Bake Off v The Great British Sewing Bee.

A recent survey by the Pew Independent Research Centre looked into the most meaningful and rewarding aspects of life as perceived by the populations of different countries. The most popular responses included: family, work, friends and material well-being. Britain was the only country to list hobbies in its top three choices. 

Not everyone has close family, extensive friendship circles or satisfying jobs, but everyone can have a hobby. During lockdown, and away from the usual frantic work / school routines, many people had the time to explore new hobbies or rediscovered hobbies they had previously enjoyed: gardening, walking, baking, yoga, photography, keep fit, cycling, reading, and creative hobbies such as knitting. embroidery or painting.

Hobbies have always provided a satisfying leisure activity and their contribution towards feeling of self-worth is regularly recognised. 

A hobby will: –

  • Extend an individual’s skill and knowledge levels. A specialist hobby might even lead to an alternative, more satisfying, career.
  • Give the individual something different to involve themselves in, taking their mind off challenging situations at work or in the home.
  • Make the individual a more interesting person, giving them something to talk about with knowledge and enthusiasm.
  • Provide personal challenge. An individual might take up ergo rowing and then enter a rowing competition; or decide to sell their pottery at a Craft Fair; or feel competent enough at flower arranging to join a community class.
  • Improve an individual’s social life, enabling them to make contact with others with similar interests. Perhaps they could go to a work shop, conference or training day, knowing that any activity will have a purpose and social chit-chat will focus on the task in hand.
  • Increase creativity. Thinking about a new hobby and its possibilities, will extend creative thought, as well as improving levels of concentration, focus and patience.

Matching the individual to their preferred hobby. (Answers at bottom of page.)

  1. Condoleezza Rice – politician.
  2. Winston Churchill – British Prime Minister.
  3. Cameron Diaz – actress.
  4. Mike Tyson – boxer.
  5. Rod Stewart – musician.
  6. Nicole Kidman – actress.
  7. Tom Daley – Olympic diver.
  8. David Beckham – footballer.
  9. Ryan Gosling – actor.
  10. George Washington – American President.
  1. Model railways.
  2. Snow Boarding.
  3. Knitting.
  4. Sky diving.
  5. Playing the piano.
  6. Ballroom dancing.
  7. Knitting.
  8. Fencing.
  9. Pigeon racing.
  10. Painting.

Answers: 1e, 2j, 3b, 4i, 5a, 6d, 7c/g, 8h, 9c/g, 10 f

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