Competition Entries…

I just had to share with you some of the incredible entries I had for my ‘Olivia the Architect’ creative competition. To enter I asked children to design a house for their favourite soft toy or pet…I had over 150 entries! This just blew me away! I had such fun looking through them all and picking my favourites, but it was a tough job as they were all so brilliant and hugely inventive.

All of the winners have now been notified and their prizes sent out (see previous post) – but here is a small example of some of the wonderfully bonkers entries I received. I hope they’ll make you smile as much as they did me! 

I’d love to know which is your favourite?


CATHLEEN – A drawing of a house for a lots of cuddling animals: a mushroom house with a cat having her fish meal on top. 
Samuel, aged 11, has loved creating his design for a treehouse to reflect the interests of a red panda. Please find attached Samuel’s picture along with a key to describe the different room ideas. Samuel had great fun creating his picture
Samuel’s Key
 Ela drew a house of sweets for her teddy bear because teddies like sweets. In the drawing her teddy is finishing to build his house by putting the roof on. 
Romilly has designed a flamingo house with a pond in the ground floor which provides their breakfast, lunch & tea, a balance beam on the second floor so they can practice standing on one leg and an upright fish shaped bed on the top floor as flamingos sleep standing up!!! The decor is pink to reflect their personality.
Gia has focused on interior on the interior of her house. There are yellow curtains to cover two windows. Gia says that it’s dark outside, therefore, her windows are of dark blue colour. There is a little table on the left hand side, near teddy’s leg with a red mug – for teddy to drink his tea. And a spider who sits on one of table’s legs. At the very top there are pink thick dotted lines – she says it’s the light – her teddy has switched on the light as it’s dark outside.
Meena – A cat house.
Adeline – Tree houses for birds with below interesting features:
– Rocking chairs for the eggs
– Nests with umbrellas 
– Nuts buntings 
– Bird showers
– Bird swings
– Bird feeders
– Mail box for each nest
Christian designed a house for an owl.
Leon drew a lion house.
Barnaby – This is a house for my cat that you can carry her around in and she stays happy.
Fatima designed a koala play house – it is a house that runs off of solar energy and keeps the koalas entertained during the summer.

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